Wednesday, October 28, 2009


haaaaaaay, party up in hereeeee. nah im just in tha library u know, gettin a lil work done and checkin on my blog baby. Oh yeaaa and eatin a lil candy shh dont tell tha librarian she be trippin too hard. But anyways its wednesdayyy cant wait til the weekend u know its halloween and its about to be CRACKINNN. might be lady gaga or minnie mouse or a vampire fairy idk they all sound good. GUESS WHAT! its almost the last period YEE cant wait til that bell rings. anywhoo that new miley cyrus song be havin me rollin HEARD THE JAY Z SONG! hands up blah blahhh. yeaaaaaa anywaysss peace.
poof poff im gone

Thursday, October 22, 2009


haaaay guess what?? my dear friend alexis just found out she has ADD!!!! aww, porr lil mama. i always knew she was retarded. buh thas why i love her. now teachers cant be as mean as they are to her now that its official!! i love u girl keep ya head up!! ima make u a mix tape lol. hahaha. FREE DRUGSSSSSS.
tha pic is of the ADD girl. ='(.

Mackinn, Hangin.

Once again im doin it tres bug at school hella bored on my long ass free period so i thought i'd share a video that has really touched my life lol. naah, it's just this vid of this girl dancin to chop suey(SLAP!) & me n my friends found it like 2 years ago n we recently was watchin it again and it made me laygh. so yea get juiced n push that play button rite there.YEE.
>p.s. What's tha best animal in the world??(besides unicorns) PANDAS DAWG. yup, they go and they secretly got magical powers and drink hella tea. AND they be jerkin in bamboo forests n shit so basically they're hella boss. =)

Aitee yall on a nother notee, Amy WInehouse needs ta come back to tha bayy cuz i missed her when she was here dude wtfffff. she need to come ta tha fillmore so i can get in free lol. Who knows tha Kung Fu Vampire?? he's from san jose ya feels and he's hella wierd buh tite n unique. calls his shit gothic rap. check it realllll quick.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


AYEEEEE! wassup, finally gettin this blog thang under control & came up wit 1 follower! haha that would be aitee if tha girl wasnt sittin rite next to me lol. but shit, a follower is a follower riteeee???anywho, lets drop some pics! heyyyy.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Todayy tha first blog, and get STRONGER EBEN!!

wassssup pink pony civilians, this sacha & this blog is for dope vids,pics,art random speak, etc. etc. feel me.umm, right now im at school on ma free period at 10:32 am and i finally figured out how to start a freakin blog. This weekend was sick, skated with tha bestie( AMb; pics will come later) and tha cousins & just had a chill ass night. Thrift store shoppin last night with mom, but now its back to monday & tha weekly school grind lol. MGMT was out here this saturday buh it was sold outtt =(. brazilian girls too. wish i was thereeeeeee. anyways yea, first blog lets get it.